RFID vehicle marking Car windshield labels & motorcycle head lamp labels


Car RFID labels for remote identification and tracking.

RFID windshield labels are excellent gateway to offer services in the area of control, vehicle tracking and traffic management, road tolls, restricted areas access, technical inspection, insurance. RFID windshield labels are one of the strategic elements, not only gathering all the services in the process but also providing highest security measures in terms of data protection.

Our RFID identification label may be a part of vehicle registration set, next to aluminium license plates and vehicle ID document. We deliver expertise in RFID solutions in the area of vehicle tracking.
Our experience comes from the field of RFID tags mounted on aluminium vehicle license plates and RFID windshield labels.
Developments in this area are done with usage of best available chip solutions for UHF applications and in cooperation with advanced antenna designers.



WSL CELERIOR is the label for application from inner side of the car windshield. It’s built on top performance NXP chip from UCODE family, protected by VOID effect at attempts of removing the label from the aplication surface. Additionaly our label may be personalized by thermal-transfer print protected by additional void label. 100% of the label surface is covered by transparent hologram of high resolution.

HL CELERIOR is the label for external applications like head-lamps of cars and motorcycles. The label has built in VOID effect and security cuts on the edges. The whole surafce is covered with transparent hologram. Personalization may be executed by thermal transfer aplication of registartion number, serial number or 2D code.

Technical specification



Why rfid?

Tracking vehicles via RFID vehicle marking provides the following benefits to different government organizations:

  • Allows monitoring of vehicle movement
  • Gives access to instant vehicle movement history lookup
  • Vehicles added to watch list will trigger instant notification
  • Allows authority to conduct ad hoc checkpoints with handheld devices
  • Increased security on the roads, road accidents number decrease
  • Obliges car owners to registration and inevitable inspection and insurance renewal
  • Traffic management enforcement
  • Strong position in access to fragile information about car and owner
  • RFID tracking happens without any notification to the controlled driver/car
  • Increases homeland and border security
  • Ensures increased tax and fee revenues for Government
  • Ensures data integrity and sharing of information among different Government organizations
  • Gives enhanced citizen services and increases safety of vehicle owners
  • Ensure safer roads through increased monitoring of vehicles