Road safety

Our ROAD SAFETY solutions are tailored for Governments as well as private organizations, fully respecting the trends of the market and the high standard required by the end user. SPM SYSTEMS delivers to clients reliable products and usable solutions that support law enforcement protect and the same safety on roads. We deliver smart products that help to increase safety in the area of traffic management to be harmonized with sustainable development of our modern societies.

We bring innovation not only in our technologies but also in the way we manage our projects and deliver our solutions. Together with our partners we can deliver in–depth expertise in consultancy, project management, training and support. We have the flexibility to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively. This means that at SPM Systems our clients are getting a complete solution at a single point. We deliver products developed and produced in European Union.

In the area of TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT we offer you :

Speed warning systems

  • Plug & play devices for speed measurement and display
  • Traffic data collection solution

Traffic signage

  • For roadways and motorways
  • Gantry mounted overhead signs
  • Variable message signs

Infield Personel Accessories

Handheld light shield for traffic management

The handheld light shield is intended to be used in traffic management, directing the vehicles/drivers to desired area, e.g. in the case of traffic lights damage, accidents on the road, road works and other. It is also used during vehicles control and stopping. The product was designed for police, road safety units, border control guards, customs and other infield personnel entitled to manage the road traffic.

The materials used in the production of handheld light-shield are durable and resistant to both low and high temperatures, as well as other harmful weather conditions. The casing is impact resistant. The illuminated panel on both sides has built-in LEDs, on which there is a one-sided green and red lampshade. The surrounding of the lampshades are coated with reflective sheeting that increases the visibility of the light-shield from a distance. (Version with red / red lamps available). The construction of the light-shield is based on profiled handle that perfectly fits the hand. A polypropylene cord protects the shield from falling from user’s hand. The product is no extra load to carry by the user.

Body worn cameras

Robust gear for duties, patrols and in-field actions recording – also in low light. It transmits image in real time to the command center using the H.265 / HEVC video compression standard, which increases transmission length, decreases the transmission bandwidth and reduces energy consumption. Strengthened mechanical resistance ensures protection of the device against flooding, damage caused by falling and camera automatically downloads data to the archive and charges it’s battery when connected to the docking station. The officer cannot interfere data stored on the device.

Vehicle technical inspection devices

OBD equipment supporting process of technical inspection
An ergonomic product, functional and light weight which makes it possible to carry out the test in less than 1 minute

  • A Diagnostic mode used by international car manufacturers
  • All protocols covered
  • Available in all languages
  • Autonomous version and version connectable to the gas analyser
  • Retrieval of the motor RPM and oil temperature
  • Exists in LV/HGV version: CAP4150
  • Stand-Alone CAP4120


  • Test completes in less than 1 minute
  • Universal solution for all centres and all configurations
  • Direct power supply from the vehicle
  • Wireless transmission (no risk of jamming the cable in the door)
  • Easy to use

(In addition to the Vehicle Inspection Mode)

  • Access to current data
  • Access to fault codes stored in the calculator
  • Test of Lambda sensors
  • Reinitialization of fault codes
  • Clearing of the MIL (OBD) indicator from the vehicle dashboard

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