Car windshield registration labels

CAR WINDSHIELD LABELS are excellent solution to validate the registration number of the vehicle.

Very often called THIRD REGISTARTION PLATE may serve different purposes. Inspectors and enforcement authorities need to check and validate registration stickers related to:

  • vehicle registration and its renewal
  • road tax payment
  • technical inspection/vehicle fitness certification
  • restricted areas access control
  • toll payment confirmation
  • insurance confirmation
  • parking permits and many others

and many more

Why to choose our solution?


  • Our labels are tailormade to fulfil the requirements of the State and Commercial Service Providers,
  • All the Vehicle Identification Tags are protected by security printing features like guilloches, security cuts, visual effects, transparent holograms, microtext, serial numbering, void effects,
  • Windscreen labels may be equipped with track and trace functionality  for easy access to data of vehicle and owner via secure QR codes,
  • We may provide high security hologram labels with strong antifraud holographic features,
  • RFID chip may be embedded into windshield label for remote identification and tracking,
  • Our labels have printable zones for local personalization with 100% printed data protection.



  • Excellent solution for cost effective and smart vehicle registration number authentication.
  • Application from inner side of the windshield.
  • The thermal transfer print is protected between label surface and car windscreen.
  • In case of attempt of alteration or label replacement the label will self-destruct.
  • It’s a part of a smart vehicle registration set.



VOID adhesive technology to prevent the label from being tampered with or transferred to other products.
A previously invisible symbol or text appears after the label is removed. This effect is irreversible.
A special feature is that the design of this effect is matched to the label format.
The structure of the break layers is adapted to client’s application.
VOID provides not only tamper evidence, but also a well recognizable overt security element.


In addition to the visible colours, a micro text is printed in UV luminescent ink with the design of a security Guilloche.
This ink is invisible under normal light and appears visible under a UV lamp.


Combining several optical effects. In addition, information such as a custom nano-text of between 25 and 75μ in size can be integrated. The hologram foil may be applied in two variants, as a transparent wallpaper over the printed graphics or as a single image with the desired design.


The sticker includes the print of variable data. It allows for data management and infield inspection.
Each sticker is serialized with a unique code printed as small QR code as well as human readable serial number.


Windshield Label is the solution for providing authentication of vehicle registration. Set of labels including car windscreen tag for identification and legalization of registration. Fully adjustable and useful selection of different smaller decals giving the unique id to each registered vehicle. All labels are connected via QR code and serial number for easy data management. Holographic protection and multi-level personalisation provides sureness that the label cannot be counterfeited, tampered or mis-used.

  • none of the label elements can be removed without being destroyed
  • protected by two holographic elements, full and transparent hologram
  • personalisation by pre-printed barcode, serial number, thermo transfer printing of registration number
  • suitable for all standard personalisation techniques (thermo transfer, printing, laser printing, laser engraving)
  • supplied as single label or with additional, labels for book records, controlling


Holographic windshield labels and vignettes are used for registration purposes and confirmation of payment for toll roads or marking of technical inspection due dates.

We provide full holographic labels for windshield application or mixed technology stickers combining pet and holographic foils.

Its excellent method to protect and verify validity of the vehicle registration number.

Available visual effects for naked eye recognition:

Two channel flip-effect image (when looking at one and the same field in the hologram by changing the viewing angles there are seen 2 different objects)

  • Clear motion effect with full parallax
  • 3D glass relief object
  • 3D background
  • Colour object that is not changing its colours regardless of the viewing angle
  • RGB holographic object
  • Diffractive black


Security elements for expert level:

  • variable nano- and micro-texts
  • Nano-drawing of logo

Security elements selection for qualified personnel recognition:

  • Micro text that is seen with 10 x magnifier;
  • Micro drawings that is seen with 10x magnifier;
  • Synthesized hidden image seen with special equipment;
  • Dynamic hidden image seen with special equipment;
  • Black colour image


These labels are used as a proof of a successful car inspection. The main label is applied on the surface of the vehicle license plate, other labels are used for internal documentation or may be applied on the paper vehicle registration document.

Each label has its unique ID and is activated upon issuance only. Allows for track & trace functionality.
Easy identification and matching thanks to barcode/QR code system.


High security holographic label with void effect. Perfect legalizing tool for authorities at issuance of registration plates.
3 level holographic protection, fully destructive, strong VOID effect adjusted to external applications on car license plates
Proven durability to survive outer conditions exposure in wide temperature range.
State of the art construction, 100% checked in action with proven record of 4.000.000 applications.
Details available on request. For holographic features see description of Vignette.