Who we are:
SPM Systems offers a wide range of services including vehicle and driver registration solutions, document protection, security document printing and related hardware supplies. Based in Poznan, Poland, SPM Systems implements projects around the world, combining its own expertise with that of its partners and subcontractors. We sell intelligent products that help to increase safety in the field of traffic management in line with the sustainable development of all modern companies. SPM Systems offers in-depth security expertise through consultancy, project management, training and support services. The company’s aim is to deliver flexible solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

We deliver all components for registration, issuance, identification of vehicles and drivers, starting from components and ending up on complete products or solutions.

Our main products and solutions

  • Car windshield labels (registration, technical inspection, pollution test certification, identification, other)
  • RFID vehicle marking ( head lamp & windshield identification labels)
  • High Security Documents ( certificates, car id, driver id, licenses, other)
  • Vehicle registration plates ( made of aluminum or plastic)
  • Holographic labels for motorway toll solutions, legalizing labels
  • Production and personalization machines and devices
  • Track and trace platform
  • Management software for vehicle registration plates production and personalization


SPM Systems is a part of group of companies focusing on security documents solutions. That is actually very much helping us to extend portfolio of our proposal by all security documents solutions.

Local partnership:
Most of our projects are done in cooperation with partners and clients, who front the business locally . We are project oriented and don’t see our role only in selling items.
We are always happy if local partner has ability of IT/digital integration of the physical components we deliver. On daily basis we work with commercial and institutional clients.

We invite you to the cooperation.