Components for production and personalization

No boundaries here. We know about documents and vehicle license plates and their production everything or almost everything. The experience of the team gives our client professional support how to approach vehicle registration projects and equipping the local personalization sites in central, decentral or mixed models. We are your partner to design the vehicle registration plates and documents, chose consumables like aluminium, cards, reflective foil, hot stamping foil, thermo-transfer printing foils and advise how to load up the documents and vehicle license plates with strong security features. What is the most important, we have the market understanding and we know, how to move around in meanders of technical specifications and requirements.

Selection of materials

Security Paper

High security paper is a basic component for all types of paper document that require antifraud protection.
Our paper is available in different grammages, finishing and with various security features. We protect your documents in their structure by watermarks, security fibres ( visible and UV-visible only), chemical protection.

The most commonly used ‘on surface’ protective elements are registered holograms and hot stamping holographic stripes. In order to achieve reliable level of security during the printing process, a combination of several printing techniques, special colours and paints are being used, which may be visible only under UV lamp. Typical security printing technologies include registration marks, variable ink, hidden pattern guilloches, microtext, anti-copy colour, etc.
Our clients benefit from own dandy roll production for personalized watermarks.

Aluminium for production of vehicle license plates

This is major substrate for production of aluminium vehicle registration plates. We have available materials in different tempers and of different alloys.
Main ones are AW 1050 in H12 temper and AW 1200 in H42 temper. We deliver aluminium in rolls with or without protective layer depending on required technical specifications.
We offer you fast delivery times and full advisory in aluminium product area.

Printing ribbons for documents personalization

We supply all types of printing ribbons and hot stamping foils for personalization of card documents.
We may support you with spare parts for personalization devices of all main technology providers.

Hot stamping foils for car plates personalization

Colouring foils for vehicle license plates personalization. Adjusted to required colours and dimensions. We deliver cut to size rolls in length of 305m. Its very sensitive product which needs to be paired with reflective sheeting surface. It’s a very quality sensitive area of vehicle registration plates durability and visibility.

Thanks to highest quality standards the foils we supply have highest parameters of outer conditions endurance and may serve years. The foils are available in all main colours like black, green, red, yellow, blue, orange. Other colours may be developed. We provide hot stamping foils with inscriptions and holographic elements.

Retro-reflective sheeting for production of blank vehicle license plates

We provide the on demand graphical foils for vehicle registration plates production. Graphics may be embedded or printed on the surface of the reflective foils.

As per requirement of the client, we may protect the foil by embedding the laser made security marks in form of flags, state coat of arms, country codes etc. Reflective sheeting may carry pre-printed serial numbers and or 2 dimensional codes for tracking and tracing of product life cycle.

Screen printing inks for on-foil application

Excellent adhesivity and durability. We work only with trusted manufacturers of inks for external applications. UV curable Inks are the best solution for on-foil graphics application via screen printing.
We offer also optical variable inks ( O.V.I.) for cards and car plates applications.

Hot stamping holographic foils

Used for protection of documents and vehicle registration plates. We provide high security protective elements in the holographic foil. The selection of features may be adjusted to the required application.
Part of our offer is the design and origination service. We may deliver holograms with high resolution up to 1.000.000 DPI.

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