Machinery and tooling

SPM Systems has vast experience in supplies of personalization equipment for vehicle registration documents and plates issuance. We are advising our clients how to organize a production, which machines to choose, how to increase the capacity of the personalization plant. We carry out surveys and introduce reasonable changes at our client’s factories to find the balance between the needs and the expenses. This service is part of our scope in projects preparations and it is based on our 6 years+ experience of running own European production site and tight cooperation with our long term customers in Asia and Africa.

We may not only equip you with hardware for vehicle registration processing but advise in the area of space, required media, logistic processes and also project financial engagement in preparation and execution phases. Hire us!

Hardware for cards and labels issuance and identification

  • Windshield labels printers with and without RFID encoding module
  • Smart cards printers and encoders
  • RFID desktop encoding devices
  • Stationary RFID readers and antennas
  • RFID portable handheld readers for infield personnel

Label printer

Cards personalization station

Handheld RFID reader

RFID reader

Hardware for vehicle license plates personalization

  • Car plates production lines
  • Personalization machines for aluminium car plates issuance
    • Embossing presses
    • Hot stamping machines
    • Aluminium car plates disposal machines
    • Hologram applicators and laser marking devices for serialization

Hot stamping double tension system

Hot stamping control pannel

  • Tooling for personalization
    • Embossing drawers for positioning of fonts in personalization process
    • Fonts dies for registration number printing
    • Tools for car plates rim embossing

Hot stamping machine

Registartion number embossing tool

Embossing fonts positioning

Injection mould made fonts

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