High security documents

SPM Systems delivers different types of security documents serving the processes of vehicle and driver registration.
Our wide portfolio of documents and printing techniques allows to fulfil the demand of local Authorities and Agencies responsible for issuance and control.

We combine multiple state-of-the-art security features to secure your documents along with a wide variety of individualised equipment using numbering, barcoding and various monochrome or full-colour techniques to create secure and unique documents. Together with Delta Auris we provide customised solutions for data storage, track and trace as well as additional services.

Paper documents

Strength of our paper documents is driven by high security paper produced in SPM in Czech Republic. We may provide all types of paper documents required for issuance of driving licenses, vehicle identification cards, certificates of ownership, technical inspection certificates, permits, tax payment forms and other security forms for various applications.

Our products may be fitted with track and trace functionalities thanks to implementation of serializing numbers, barcodes, 2D codes. We pay a special attention to unique id of each single item we deliver. The documents may carry also the data content codes with high data capacity to allow offline verification process thanks to portable control handheld devices.

The selection of the high security protective features:

  • Watermarks
  • Planchets and fibres
  • Microtexts
  • UV numbering
  • Rainbow printing
  • Guilloches
  • Diffraction foils
  • Hot stamping holograms
  • Transparent holograms
  • Safety slotting
  •  … and many more.





SPM Systems may deliver other security documents like school and birth certificates, bank licenses, ballot papers and more. Contact us for more info.

Card documents

Our card documents proposal is based on configuration of strong authentication features. Thanks to the cooperation with providers of state of the art technologies for security documents protection, we are able to design and deliver tailormade solutions for local personalization and issuance process. Our cards are polycarbonate based, suitable for laser engraving at personalization stage, with a high resistance to fraud and counterfeiting up to international security standards and suitable for on- and off-line control.


“Papua New Guinea”

“Papua New Guinea”

Deliberate error “new”
spelled as “naw”

“unity in deviersity”

Modulate time
“green to yellow”

“bird of paridise”

Star screen
“stars screened with stars”

Picture box
“fade edge”

Digital design integrated in the printing through the design that is non copiable. Built with microtext it can be checked using a smartphone dedicated application which will automatically confirm whether genuine or fake. This 2D code on the back of the card will contain all the variable data of the card including the photo of the holder. It can be checked offline as all information from the card is in the code. This is performed using a dedicated application on any Android/IOS phone. This code is proprietary and therefore no algorithm is available on the net like it is for a QR. The data are signed proving the integrity of the data and the origin of the issuer. It is added at the personalization stage after the printing stage.

hidden security seal

security seal reavealed

security seal register marks

modulated lines

digital security seal

The card document is an important gateway to access data of the vehicle and driver therefore together with DELTA AURIS we provide customised solutions for data storage, track and trace as well as additional services. See more in our systems proposal.

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