Vehicle identification and tracking


  • RFID software with interface for stationary and portable control
  • RFID tagged license plates and/or RFID registration labels
  • Infield Reading devices for control
  • Desktop encoding devices/printers

RFID software
It’s a smart application for identification and registering the events based on reading information from RFID tags mounted on the car plates or embedded in windshield labels. It consists of a registers which store data, that might be important for the administration of the issuance, taxation, control of vehicles and owners.

It stores :

  • Basic data about the owner ( personal data)
  • Basic data about the vehicle ( technical, due dates for technical inspection and insurance, status)
  • Vehicle related events records ( registration number, place, date of event)
  • Violation events ( type, date, status)


Application info:

  • Architecture Server – client, with Central data base
  • Data base: MS SQL Server 2016
  • Client’s app framework .Net 4.5
  • Communication between apps and server via ethernet


System data may be combined with each other based on following rules:

  • Owner : Vehicle – One to Many
  • Vehicle registration number: Vehicle -One to One
  • Vehicle : reading events – One to Many
  • Owner: violations – One to Many


Optional extensions:

  • E-wallet for online payments for some traffic events ( road toll payment, tunnel or bridge passing)
  • Map interface extension allowing for visualisation of location ( gate or position of portable reader)
  • Storage of additional materials like photos from event as evidence for violation