Law enforcement – Management Platform

Every introduction of security means in the area of vehicle registration and tracing (documents, vehicle license plates) requires efficient and reliable methods of control for quick and effective execution of law.

This element of our offer is very often strategic area for our clients. Therefore we are ready to propose you integrated platform for management of most crucial processes carried out in three areas: command centre, police vehicle and mobile device of infield officers.

Police officers and vehicles’ location
Messaging between users and command centre
Incident management
Fines management
Video recording and management with options for additional analytics and recorded data browsing
Video streaming
Document scanning with connection to desired servers with databases, criminal records
Automatic plates recognition
RFID remote data access from portable and stationary readers
Fingerprint checking and many more functionalities


Higher operational efficiency

Faster response time on incidents

Less paperwork and control of processes

Efficient solution for verification of vehicle and drivers status