About Us

SPM Systems is a project oriented company specializing in high security solutions, products and services which include systems for Vehicle & Driver Registration, Documents Protection, Security Printing Documents and related Hardware. We have established ourselves as a trusted partner in designing creative solutions to help meet the evolving challenges in the identity management sector.

Our solutions are tailored for Governments as well as private organizations, fully respecting the trends of the market and the high standard required by the end user.
We are headquartered in Poznan, Poland and manage the projects worldwide bringing together our own expertise with that of our partners and subcontractors.
We want to deliver to our clients reliable products and usable solutions that protect interest of our clients, secure their revenues and are efficient thanks to our enforcement tools.
We want to deliver smart products that help to increase safety in the area of traffic management to be in harmonized with sustainable development of our modern societies.

SPM Systems is part of the group of the companies specialized in security paper and security printing, smart cards, IT systems. We bring innovation not only in our technologies but also in the way we manage our projects and deliver our solutions. Together with our partners we can deliver in–depth expertise in consultancy, project management, training and support. We have the flexibility to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively. This means that at SPM Systems our clients are getting a complete solution at a single point.